ER Registration, Aromatherapy, Dried Blood Analysis, FIELD TRIP, Graduation !

Greetings !

I apologize for getting this out at the VERY LAST MINUTE !!!!! I am in DC/ VA. and we have been w/out power for the last 4 days….. We experienced what is called a ‘Derecho’…..80 mile hour winds, electrical storm, NO Air ( it’s been 100 degrees), NO computer, NO cell phones (towers down), Trees down, roads closed, bridges torn up, no traffic lights….in other words, chaos ! JUST got the power on in the area we are staying… ( and wilting)…..

So !!!! If you are intending to take Aromatherapy l, you MUST register tomorrow EARLY or tonight online !!!!! The decision to cancel will be made tomorrow in Indiana….The shipping department will be closing early on Tuesday!!!!! normally we have a little more time….. I knew of this FOUR days ago and intended to send emails out that day…..then the storm hit….. This only happens every 4 years or so….it even took out power in Indiana, but only for a few hours….NOT LIKE HERE….

We have Aromatherapy ll scheduled for next month…..PLEASE REGISTER ASAP….you will NOT BE SORRY…. Dr. Maria Dolores Gonzales is quite the professional aromatherapist…..She was trained in London and Europe in clinical aromatherapy….I have NEVER met anyone as knowledgable about oils as Maria—-yes I know a few names are coming to you right now….Trust me, Maria knows MUCH MORE !!!! Especially for those already using oils, this is education you have NOT received and will be able to use all of it….It doesn’t matter which company you use, this is information that will carry you to new heights…..whether you are using oils professionally, or just for family and friends this is important for you to know…..If you are a massage therapist, and you are not using oils, START NOW ! your business will explode quickly !
If you are an esthetician, Maria teaches techniques for this at her clinic in Dallas…..If you just want to learn more about skin care, then this is perfect for you….

this is NOT just about bath oil, or pleasant scents….This is absolutely about HEALING !!!!! and totally non invasive…..many clients not on board w/ supplements are persuaded to embrace natural health w/ the oils….also excellent to use for clients (or family) in the hospital !! You’re just ‘giving them a massage’—-that is how I handle this situation often—-none of the hospital staff has a problem w/ that…..

Miracles happen w/ essential oils !!!!!! pain, anti aging,burns,hormones, issues w/ organs—-EVERYTHING !!!!!

Those of you who learned the raindrop technique from Jan recently, will really add to your abilities as a healer!!!

But I need all of you to ACT NOW, please……If some of you are thinking of the class, you can always cancel OR move it to another class LATER !!!! Just please CALL the office EARLY, 800 321 1005, or email asap…..

I NEED ALL OF YOU ! this class is ON the Chopping Block !!!! you didn’t act fast enough to save Bach I……Please don’t let this happen to this class !!!!

PLUS the class will be held at the Ayres Hotel on Rosecrans and the 405…..The hotel is stunning ! the outside is nice, but the interior looks like a French Chateau !!!!
Real European antiques, art, bronzes, marble statues etc….A HUGE Antique French tapestry behind the registration counter ( in fact it was built to acccomodate the tapestry)….charming courtyard, and the restaurant is wonderful as well….And yes, you can still drive to Whole Foods for lunch !!!

This time the class will end @ 3:30 on Sat. and go a little longer on Sunday……The hotel has another event coming into the room for the evening……Yay ! out early on Sat. night !!

So much has gone into planning for the class…..Please please please register !!! if this is a repeat, it’s only $75 !!!

IF you take I and II AND III (it’s a FUBU—taught after II), Maria will grandfather you in to her Institute in Dallas and you will graduate from a Professional Aromatherapy
Institute…..this allows entree into many professional organization only for Aromatherapists and Massage Therapists….Several of these organizations include INSURANCE !!! and many are quite exclusive and international…..

If you have questions, I will try to answer by email, or hopefully my cell is working better (depending on cell tower repair) and I can speak to you….I am 3 hours ahead right now, so you can call me early….BUT call to register FIRST !


Dr. Shumway will return for Blood testing and other protocols the first week of July…

The 5th and 7th and 8th in Long Beach–Friday the 6th will be in Huntington Beach (like last time) at the office of Dr. John Bergman …..

The last time Dr. Shumway was here, we had a waiting list and then ran out of appointment time…..If you know you want an appt. call me to schedule yourself, friends or family OR clients !!! Appointments are filling up already, so please call me asap….This is an incredible opportunity to see what is happening w/ your clients….You can go w/ them to see just what is going on in their body ! Plus it’s a great opportunity to become familiar w/ Dried Blood Cell Analysis before the class in the Fall !!! Please call asap, the appointments are already filling up !!!

Dried blood analysis plus live blood analysis is only $60 for a full hour! Discover what is going on in your body—Acute AND Chronic! Plus you have the time to ask questions!! Many of you take advantage of this and go to see Dr. Shumway each time he is here…That way you can track your progress, and actually see what is going on ! NO MORE GUESSING !!!!!

discounts for repeats…..

Other sessions also available if you don’t want Blood analysis…

Iridology $50 —-a full hour

Light touch Therapy (body Work) $50

Massage w/ emotional healing $50

Raindrop Therapy (body Work) $60


Graduation is next month !!!! This ceremony is open to ALL CNHP as well as those who have finished at least 3 of the required classes (including Practicum)…..Those who will be completing the 5 required classes that evening will receive their CNHP diploma that evening at the graduation…..EVERYONE participating will receive an additional Certificate w/ all designations in natural health listed—-cnhp or otherwise……Please send me all your designations (written out AND the initials ie Certified Natural Health Professional AND CNHP), some designations do NOT have any kind of abbreviations, so just list the title…..This must be sent in advance so that this can be printed on your certificate….You will also prepare a brief bio—-How or why you became interested and involved in natural health, what you currently do (whether or not it’s in the field), what your plans are for the future…..continuing your education, providing care for your friends and family, opening up a practice etc……Your bio will be read as you are presented to our attendees….Trinity Graduates, please bring your Diploma w/ you…..

Hope all those participating will bring their friends and family…..not graduating, but would like to show support? Please join us !!!

email or call me for more info…..

Dr. Shumway will be officiating at the graduation…..


Field Trips will resume in July….And the first field trip will be to the office and practice of Ulysses Angulo CNHP in Eagle Rock, AND Raya Shanazarian CNHP, ND…….

The date of this field trip will be Wednesday July 18th….We will meet for lunch first, then go together as a group to Eagle Rock, then to Raya’s practice—-

the location will be given to those who have registered—-There is no fee…(except whatever you want for lunch) space is limited, so please call asap ! 562 212 3479…..

It’s really a treat and quite a learning experience to visit the practice of a colleague…..Each one we select is different and totally unique, no cookie cutter businesses !

Listed below are some of the classes and events coming up…..



July 14-15 (Sat. Sun)

CNHP Capstone Clinical Aromatherapy 101


July 27 Friday

FUBU PH Balance—Testing and Techniques

Dr Marcus Shumway

This will FUBU will be held at the office of Dr. John Bergman in Huntington Beach

questions and registration, please call or email me….562 212 3479


July 28-29

CNHP Certification Class Practicum 9-5

Graduation 6-8

Doubletree Hotel, El Segundo

It is not required, but many of us will be dining at the hotel after the graduation….


Still some new cnhp classes coming

3 new field trips—Visit the office of 2 of our Alumni (July)

Rock Medicine returns !!!

Emotion code Workshop

Muscle Testing Workshop

The return of our 8 part Anatomy and Physiology Series

Advanced Dried Blood

Exam for Nutritional Microscopist Certification

Hormone Class

Anti Aging w/ Dr. Frank Yurosek

Gemmo Class


Holistic Health for Pets

Herbology Workshop

(hands on ! )

Cutting Edge Cancer Treatments w/ Dr. Ralph Umbriaco

Clinical Pearls w/ Dr. Bobbie Rendon

Please continue to spread the word of NON GMO….. Labeling of GMO’s will be on the ballot, but we have to make sure everyone actually VOTES on it in November !!!

Monsanto will be spending millions to defeat this…..we have to all work together….so many of you have participated in this….Lots of you have been involved for over a year since we had Pamm Larry (the founder of the Label GMO movement) as a speaker several times, and of course since we have had Jeffrey Smith as one of our featured speakers at the Health Freedom Expo…..

P.S. If you know someone who would like these updates, sign-up here:

Have a happy and healthy summer

Take care
562 212 3479